Sunday, August 27, 2006


It's stupid. The weekend has been awesome. I shouldn't be in this funk. I definitely should not have started slipping into this funk last night. Enjoy the time together while you still have it for crying out loud instead of starting to get bummed about how it will be over soon! Live in the moment! Snap out of it!

There is no future, there is no past / I live this moment as my last /
There's only us, there's only this / Forget regret, or life is yours to miss /
No other road, no other way / No day but today


Terra said...

Hey babe!! I hope it was nothing that I did that put you in this funk. I had a great time this weekend and look foward to doing it again. Here's hoping you get out of this funk soon

Love ya!!

Amber said...

Totally nothing you did, sweetie. I just get that way sometimes. Slept it off and now I feel pretty okay.

TM520 said...

Are... are you going somewhere??

Amber said...

Gah! I just re-read my blog entry in light of tm520's sounds like I'm terminal or something, doesn't it? No, I'm not going anywhere. I had company this weekend :)

TM520 said...


You guys are still coming this weekend, right?