Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: What Are Little Girls REALLY Made Of?

You've seen them at church with their frilly little dresses and their ribbons in their hair. You've seen them in the stores looking so sweet you could just eat them up. You've seen them at home playing innocently with their little dolls.

Now let me show you what you don't see. Little girls at school. I recently read a blog that said that kindergarten is the new junior high. Sorry to contradict you, BBM, but I must. For, you see, PRESCHOOL is the true new junior high. And I blame Disney.

I've seen full-out slap-fests over whose boyfriend a certain little boy was (while the boy played obliviously in the blocks and cars with his little boy friends). I cannot count the number of times I've heard the infamous "I'm not your friend anymore" uttered over the most miniscule "offenses." And heaven forbid that there be an uneven number of girls in a class, because little Suzie can't possibly be friends with Janie and Beth at the same time.

Little girls are sneaky. And they will flat-out lie to your face, all the while with that sweeter than honey smile.

Kathy Bates phrased it best in The Waterboy. Little girls are the devil.

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