Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to...

First of all, Greg Behrendt has a talk show. Did I miss a talk show giveaway or something? I mean, it's like anybody and their dog can have a talk show these days.

Anyway, I was at home on my lunch break yesterday (Sensei-hubby's been at home sick this week so I have the car), and while I was waiting for the fries in the oven, I turned on the TV. And there is Greg Behrendt. The topic of conversation was "Your Addiction's Hurting Our Family." Only, it wasn't your typical addictions talk show episode. The first family I saw was there because the wife was a shopoholic. But it was the next family that really caught my attention. The wife's addiction was soap operas. Greg asked her to describe her typical day, and it went something like this: I get up in the morning and turn on the TV. X is on while I get ready for work (the previous day's show). When X goes off and Y comes on, I know it's time to go to work. When I get home, Z is on....

Her husband said when the soap opera network was born, he lost his wife. When asked how this affected his life, the younger son said "Mom misses my soccer games."

Then the husband tells about an anniversary he tried to make special. The man took cooking lessons so he could fix his wife a romantic dinner. Had everything perfect. Went to the bedroom where his wife was watching her soaps to tell her that dinner was ready, and get this. She says "maybe later...I'm watching this right now." I'm sitting on my couch yelling at the TV "Turn off the freakin' TV and pay attention to that dang-near perfect husband you have, Stupid!" I mean really!

Anyway, Greg asks the husband why he puts up with this crap, and that's when Sensei-hubby and I lose it. The husband says "look at her!" And, yeah, she's gorgeous. Anyway, Sensei-hubby turns to me and puts a finger over my mouth as he whispers in a goofy voice, "Don't talk - yer so purty!"

Anyway, not-so-typical typical addictions. I think having 6 blogs floating around cyberspace qualifies as an addiction, do you agree? Maybe it's a good thing we don't have a laptop - I'd be blogging 24/7 (whether I had anything blogworthy to say or not - kinda like I do now, lol!). To be fair, though, my xanga blog is just email forwards I like, so it's not like I post to it every day, or even every week. And I don't use the blog on my msn space - that space is strictly an online photo album. So that cuts the number down to 4 real blogs. And three of those are here on blogspot. Oh, gee, am I trying to justify my addiction? Wow. That's low.

What about you? What's your not-so-typical addiction?

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