Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - What I Love About My Job

Thirteen Things I Love About My Job

1. Zachary

2. Raine

3. Kaleb

4. Joshua

5. Alaina

6. Bailey

7. Frank

8. Eli

9. Austin

10. Elijah

11. Audrah

12. Stormie

13. Noah

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Skyelarke said...

That is really sweet. I checked out your list cuz I'm at my Thursday 1 #3 as well!

Chaotic Mom said...

I take it these are kids from your preschool? It's great that you love spending time with them! I LOVE my boys' teachers, don't think I could do half as good a job as they do!

I've posted 13 Scenes from My Chaotic Life, today. Enjoy! ;)

amy said...

yeah for cool coworkers..creative

~ANA~ said...

Yeah, those are the kids in my class...oddly enough, this list could be alternately entitled "13 Reasons I Hate My Job." Funny how that works, huh?