Friday, December 08, 2006

TT # 10

Thirteen Reasons My TT is Late
1. I hit snooze about 4 times too many
2. no internet access at work
3. the cats got cookies all over the floor and I had to vacuum - honestly!
4. said cats needed feeding
5. litter boxes...they were stinky
6. towels needed folding
7. clothes for tonight needed "ironing" -meaning I tossed them into the dryer
8. dishes in the living room don't migrate to the kitchen on their own
9. the trash needed to be gathered up
10. while I was at it, the laundry needed gathering too
11. Christmas Parade!
12. dojo Christmas party!
13. I didn't really have a list of 13 anything until this
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JohnH985 said...

That's a good idea for a 13, today I could have probably found twice that many reasons. I was thinking I wouldn't get it up in time.

Stephanie said...

Great list idea :-)... Happy TT

Brony said...

Better late than never.

Happy TT!

dawn said...

That's a great idea for a TT list.
I'm always late myself