Sunday, December 31, 2006

Destination: Unknown

The door is closing on 2006, and when it closes, it can not be reopened. But as this door closes, another door opens. What awaits us on the other side of this new door? 2007, of course. But 2007 is just a number. It does little to define what truly lies in store for the coming year. Will this be the year we finally buy a house of our own? Will this be the year I work up the nerve to look for a better job? Will this be the year we can finally start talking seriously about family additions? Will I be tying a black obi around my gi this time next year? Will we be in the same town 365 days from now, or will we encounter a job offer we simply cannot refuse in some thusfar unknown locale? Will we even live to see December 31, 2007, or will this year bring with it an end?

I'm not a fan of uncertainty, nor am I fond of change. All I know for certain about 2007 is that God will lead me through it, as long as I am willing to walk the path which He directs.

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Rethabile said...

Glad you feel confident going into 2007. I hope it'll go down well.