Saturday, December 16, 2006

interesting search result

I was looking at my SiteMeter report for the week when I came across this jewel of a search that lead some lucky reader to my blog:

"how much cranberry juice to give dog?"

Now, I have never mentioned giving cranberry juice to a dog, but I suppose the intention of the searcher was to help with a canine UTI, and I hope said searcher has succeeded in his/her quest. My best bet would be to check with a vet.

Here's another search result that lead someone this way:

"tivo Claymation Christmas"

Now I HAVE mentioned TiVo and I HAVE mentioned Claymation Christmas, though not in the same post. I do love that Christmas special, and has the DVD (with Easter and Halloween specials as well) for $20.99. It's also available on in 3 parts. Just search "A Claymation Christmas Celebration."

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