Friday, December 01, 2006

random stuff floating around in my head

Wow - I just looked at my blog and realized I have gone 3 whole weeks with only Thursday 13 posts! That's not good. No Whimsical Wednesdays, no Sunday Scribblings. I've been distracted with this little thing called...a life. Yeah, every once in a while I try out that whole having a life thing. Sometimes it's great (like over Thanksgiving weekend). Sometimes it's suck-tacular (usually at work).

Anyway, here's a bunch of random stuff floating around in my head today. Enjoy (or don't - I personally care not).

* I have a little girl named Raine in my class at work. Today she said "my name is R-A-I-N-E, but the rain that comes from the sky doesn't have an E at the end." Just out of nowhere she says that. She's a smart little cookie.

* I have a boy in my class named Zachary. I tend to have to call his name a lot during the course of most days. At afternoon snack another boy was standing on his knees backwards in his chair. I asked him if anyone else was sitting like that, and Zachary says "Even I'm sitting right!" I thought I was going to die!

It's little things like those that remind me (just when I need reminding most) that I do love what I do.

* We bought 3 Trans-Siberian Orchestra CDs last Friday, and I absolutely LOVE them (2 much more than the 3rd, but there are still great songs on all of them). I love being able to blast Christmas music.

* I almost got scammed this week. It was a foreign bank transfer scam in the guise of a nanny job offer. Let me tell you, if anyone was going to succeed in scamming me with something like that, this would be the perfect time to do it, because I am beyond fed up with my job. Luckily, my husband is awesome and did some of his technical mumbo-jumbo (magic I tell you) with the emails before I gave away any information that would have made life (and our credit score) crappier than it already is.

* Life really isn't all that crappy. It just seems that way because I spend so much of my days at work and things aren't exactly peachy-keen there.

* Yesterday everyone was freaking out about the weather and how we were gonna get a blizzard or an ice storm "the likes of which we haven't seen around here since THE ice storm of '97." I spent over a hundred dollars at the grocery store last night - but not because I was one of those crazy people who run to the grocery store at the slightest hint of snow to buy only milk, bread, and eggs. We really were out of EVERYTHING, and if we were going to get bad weather, I didn't want to starve. But no snow. No ice. Just lots and lots of COLD. It's like God woke up this morning and said, "Oh yeah, it's December now. Let's set TN's thermostat on DEAD OF WINTER!"

Ok, that's enough of that. I'm gonna go eat a sandwich and catch up on some TV. I love that TiVo of ours!

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