Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Smiles - 2nd Edition

Welcome back! Week 2 of recording happy thoughts, and I haven't missed a day in my notebook! That could probably go in my list, but there are already so many other things on it that I'll consider that nugget a bonus. Anyway, here's my list of 7:

* * * * * * * *

1. Date night with the husband - even if it didn't go exactly as planned. We still had a great dinner and watched a movie that sparked some lively conversation (mostly trashing said movie), and most importantly, we spent time together.

2. Calling my mom just because - I've been horrible about keeping in touch, but it's one of my goals to call her once a week. It makes me feel good to hear in her voice how happy she is to hear from me.

3. Spontaneous hugs - the kids in my class just seem to have this 6th sense about when I could use a's so sweet.

4. Real winter temperatures - we finally had some brisk days this week, accompanied by sunshine so we could actually enjoy the winter feel!

5. Morning cuddles - so what if we end up running late? It's nice to just BE together for a few minutes.

6. Playing with Neko has he attacks the "cover monster" on the bed (my foot under the covers).

7. Not needing to do the flight of the bumblebee cleaning spree before company arrives - I love the fact that I'm keeping up with the housework so well!

* * * * * * * *

You know, research has shown that recording the positive things in your daily life has a lasting effect on your happiness. So why not join me?

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