Thursday, January 18, 2007

TT # 16

thirteen things that keep me loving my job

1. We have a song called Sally the Camel that we sing as we clean up. Steven calls it "Sally the camera."

2. We were coloring pictures of daddies the other day, and the kids were supposed to make their pictures look like their daddies. Sarah said she wasn't going to color the hair on the top of his head because "my daddy don't have hair there!"

3. Out of nowhere during free play in the art center one day, Raine says "my name is R-A-I-N-E, but the rain that comes from the sky doesn't have an E."

4. Frank and Eli were arguing over who was gonna marry Raine when they grew up. They resolved the issue themselves by agreeing that they could both marry her.

5. During free play yesterday, Zachary, Raine and Stormie chose to sit in the science center and look at the pictures in the books with magnifying glasses - they looked so smart!

6. Eli can write his name in legos; Josh wrote his in tiles.

7. Alaina and Kaleb are the world's greatest random hug givers - they seem to have a sixth sense about that kind of perfect timing.

8. The kids are just so eager to "do the right thing."

9. They are so eager to learn, too. They are forever coming to me during free play and asking how to spell something they want to write on their art paper.

10. Josh and Zachary were pretending they were Superman and Batman yesterday. When Zachary got ready to go home, they gave each other a great big hug and said "Teamwork!" I have no clue where that came from, unless it was a cartoon they've seen. But it was cute.

11. Several of the parents really notice the effort I've put into things and take the time to say something positive about it. Noah's mom especially - she always leaves me feeling great.

12. How many jobs out there would let me sit around playing all day? I mean really!

13. There's just something nice about getting paid for 8 hours and really only having to work 6 - a 2-hour naptime when they are all actually asleep is a beautiful thing.


Jessica said...

A very nice blog indeed! Keep it up

KarenW said...

I used to teach kindergarten. Lots of fun memories. Too bad blogging hadn't been invented yet! I might have written some of them down.

TM520 said...

It is well-documented that Batman and Superman frequently celebrated the defeat of the criminal element with spontaneous huggery. It just doesn't come up in the movies much.

Caylynn said...

Great list! The kids sound very cute. Although I have to admire you - it's not a job I could do! But you clearly love it and that's wonderful. :)

Happy T13. :)

Chickadee said...

I laughed when I read that both boys agreed to marry Raine. I guess she doesn't get any say in the matter. ;)

And spelling your name in legos? Cool!

My 13 are up.

kat said...

I used to assist in tutoring grade 1 students - they are really fun and bubbly, but I'm sad to say and admit that it is not my type of work - kids nowadays are getting more screachy and naughty (at least in this part of the world). I do believe it's because of education, but that is another topic already...

Happy TT! :)