Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Smiles - 5th Edition

7 Things That Made Me Smile This Week:

1. I found a 6qt crock pot on sale at the Dollar Store - now I can actually fix meals (besides chili) in the crock pot!

2. It was my Sunday to fix lunch (we've been taking turns with our new-parent friends hosting Sunday lunch after church and spending the afternoon together) and my chicken pot pie and garlic mashed potatoes were a big success. Note to self: next time don't get the bag of frozen veggies with green beans in it - we don't all love green beans.

3. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and caramel sauce - I got them to go with the brownies I made for dessert Sunday, but even without the brownies this really hits the spot. Funny how I love ice cream so much more when it's cold outside - what's up with that?

4. I had an early lunch break Tuesday, which meant I had the entire 2 hours of naptime to get things accomplished (like putting up my February bulletin board) while the kids slept.

5. Every morning, part of our circle time routine is to review our colors and shapes. I have charts on the wall and I use my little pointer as they call out the names. It's just so cute when we get to parallelogram - I think my whole class pronounces it "pellallelagwam."

6. Wednesday night's "massive snowfall" led to a very easy day on Thursday - I only had 4 kids show up in my class! And they were so good! And I got to go home after naptime!

7. More snow Thursday night made Friday a snow day!

Ok. That's what I've been smiling about this week. How about you? Blog it!


Waspgoddess said...

I LOVE this idea, I'm so into paying more attention to random moments of joy. I will start this week. How do I get the banner to put on my blog?

This definitely made me smile today :)

~Amber~ said...

Email me at and I'll send you the code for the banner.