Thursday, February 08, 2007

TT # 19 - StumbledUpon

Things I've Stumbled Upon

1. NewsBiscuit - because I love satirical news.

2. TipNut - how to just about anything

3. Useless Information - I love me some trivial knowledge

4. Like tennis? Check this out!

5. The Rhetorical Letter Writer - I wish I had thought of this first...and I may still do this on occasion anyway

6. Warning Label Generator - this is just downright fun

7. Little Known Facts - more trivia

8. CopyKat Recipes - if you loved what you had at the restaurant, check here for a recipe to try at home

9. Overheard in the Office - random weird things people have - you guessed it - overheard in the office

10. Weird Facts - even more trivia

11. What Kids Think About Love - in honor of the upcoming holiday

12. Pirate Laws! - you never know when you'll need this valuable information - it could just save your life someday

13. The Chocolate of the Month Club's Recipe Page - yes, chocolate...oh, don't act so surprised!


Uisce said...

Hello, Leanne sent me! What an excellent list -- I'm bookmarking it so I can refer back to those sites! Happy TT, I'm up!

Tink said...

Thanks for this very entertaining lists. I've added most of them to my favourites to come back later. The chocolate one is the best (yep, chocoholic here!).
My TT is about support this week.

Maggie said...

Thanks for the list of goodies. I am going to go check some of them out right now.

:) Always looking for new places to roam.

Happy TT

Chickadee said...

It has been a long time since I've visited the "Overheard at the Office" website. I think I'm going to return...

And thanks for the restaurant recipe website. :)

My 13 are up.

BeckyD said...

check out
It's like rhetorical letters...same Idea.

Great list.

Happy TT

Turnbaby said...

Mmmmmm chocolate!
And trivia!!

Fun list. Thanks for coming by my TT. I amd gonna come back and check out some more later

Comedy_Club said...

More downrite fun image generators (hundreds of templates) @!