Friday, March 23, 2007

a few things

Evidently there is a website encouraging people to celebrate tomorrow, March 24, as Shutdown Day. As in, stay off the computer for the full 24-hour period. Not entirely a bad idea, actually. Especially as nice as the weather is right now. But could I actually go an entire 24-hour period with access to a computer and simply choose not to indulge? I doubt my abilities in this regard very much. So as much as I would love to say I'm going to do this, I probably won't.

* * *

American Idol update: Sanjaya made the top 10 - what is wrong with you people? Granted, this week was not his worst perfomance, and he was at least interesting (I'm not sure "entertaining" is the right word for that perfomance, but it was in no way boring). But COME ON! We bid farewell to Stephanie Edwards, the Beyonce-esque diva whose main flaw was her inability to differentiate herself from the pack. She just couldn't pull enough votes from the other divas.

In other Idol news, apparently Ashley, the majorly unhinged tweenager in the audience who was brought to our attention during Sanjaya's performance, was planted. She and her mother had tickets to the dress rehearsal, and evidently she was just as emotional then. When the powers that be noticed, they offered her and her mother primo seats for the live show. The lesson for you kids at home? Act like morons at a dress rehearsal, and you just may get your 15 minutes of fame on national television for...acting like a moron.

* * *

Today was pajama day at the preschool, and my little darlings were adorable in their little Cookie monster houseshoes and dinasaur jammies. I was just glad for the break from my scrubs - I got to dress for the occassion, too! I did make one tiny error in planning for the day - I forgot to pack shoes to walk home in, so now I have blisters from wearing my flip-flops for that little mile-long jaunt. Ouch.

* * *

This week was Spring Break for our county school system, as well as the college here in town. But in the world of preschool, there is no such thing. Let me just say, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!! We've been shorthanded, had an extra class full of school-aged children, and the kids have been wired all week long. You know, maybe I could do that Shutdown Day thing - I could probably sleep the entire 24-hour period away!

* * *
And finally, a little

I've been playing with the effects in Picasa and editing some of my digital pics lately. What do you think?


Norma said...

Pajama day has apparently made it to the work place since casual Friday got old.

~Amber~ said...

Only in schools, and only on very rare occasions. Personally, I believe every day in a preschool setting should be casual Friday.