Thursday, March 29, 2007

TT # 22 - child's play

Thirteen things my class loves to do/play with:

1. Duck Duck Goose - and all its variations. We played Pilgrim Pilgrim Indian at Thanksgiving, and all winter long we played Polar Bear Polar Bear Penguin (they have to waddle like penguins around the circle instead of running - it's adorable!)

2. I Spy - I have some very observant little preschoolers.

3. Quiet Mouse - yes, they actually like playing Quiet Mouse. There are days when I am the luckiest teacher in the world, I tell you.

4. Legos - I have some brilliant budding architects and engineers.

5. Math - I have a set of different colored bowls and a set of little figures (houses, cars, people, dogs, trees) that are different colors. The kids love to roll the color dice and sort the pieces into the bowls. Yes, they're my little nerdlings.

6. Cutting and Gluing - they adore cutting things out of magazines. I give them paper to glue their pictures to so they can keep track of them.

7. Dinosaurs - I think there's something about the preschool ages that just naturally attracts these kids to all things dinosaur.

8. Cars - I blame Disney/Pixar. There is always a knock-down drag-out over who gets to play in the car center when we have free play. There's only enough room for 2 kids in that area at a time.

9. Hungry Frogs - it's Hungry Hungry Hippos, but the mouths are frogs instead of hippos. My only regrets? A) it's only 4-player; and B) it's LOUD!

10. Play Dough - don't mess with the classics.

11. Jellyfish Tag - I tried all last year to explain the concept of freeze tag to my first class of 4 and 5 year olds. They never got it. Until we talked about how when a jellyfish stings a fish, it paralyzes the fish. Now I pick a jellyfish and the rest of the class are fishies. Swim, fishies!

12. Jumping Jacks - sometimes they just need to let out some extra energy. They don't realize they are doing jumping jacks though. I call out "tin soldiers!" and "tepees!"

13. the Hokey Pokey - elbows, knees, tongues, noses...they all go in.

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1 comment:

Norma said...

I remember doing some of these when I was a kid, and my kids doing others. Great list. Wish I could donate my magazines for a good cause--your class, a place where learning and love is taking place.