Tuesday, April 24, 2007

blogger's block

I thought remodeling would knock this blogger's block out of my head, but it didn't. It's really annoying to have this creative impulse pulsing in my head and no way to release it. I've started countless posts in the last 2 days only to get stuck about 3 words in.

So, in lieu of a gripping literary masterpiece, here is a picture I've played with in Picasa.

"No Limits"

Yes, that's what you think it is - a speed limit sign. On the ground. In a ditch, actually. One of those little things you finally notice after the bajillionth time you've walked past it.

1 comment:

Random Magus said...

I feel for you... I get these terrible blocks too and then you see the wonderful writings of other bloggers and you feel about 2 feet tall.
Your blog's fun!
P.S.: My name's Amber too.