Sunday, May 20, 2007

Behind the Mask

Behind the mask each person wears is our true face - the face that, for whatever reason, we are afraid to show others. With our mask, we exude confidence, joy, and peace, all the while struggling with our perceived inadequacies. Heaven forbid the mask should slip, allowing others to see the real us. What would they think if they saw the face behind the mask? Would they be disappointed to see the imperfections that we work so hard to hide? Or would they be relieved to know that we are more alike than they may have thought?

Our fears will keep the mask in place. So we go through life never really getting to know each other past the surface of our masks. Attempting to be what we think others expect of us instead of what we truly are, because what we are is somehow inferior to what we believe we should be.

Do we come out from behind the mask for anyone? Do we give anyone the chance to see us and accept us for who we really are? Do we even give ourselves that opportunity, or have we become so accustomed to our mask that we actually believe it to be who we really are?

The mask becomes a part of us, combining who we are with who we wish to be, creating a complete person. But if we can't let down the mask once in a while, no one will ever truly see us - the complete picture of us. And in the deepest part of our souls, isn't that what we really want - another person to accept the whole of us?


Becca said...

Beautifully written post. The daily masks become such a habit, sometimes I think we forget we're wearting/hiding behind them.
Thanks for sharing this...good food for thought.

Remiman said...

"isn't that what we really want - another person to accept the whole of us?"
Yes I think it is. I believe that it happenes when we find a deep and loving relationship...we slowly lower the mask a little more as the trust's truly a freedom unequaled.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I think that the only place I wear a mask is at work. For everyone else, I'm the real me, though some people don't see the whole real me, they do see real bits of me. If that makes sense!