Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Fill-In

Yep, I've found another meme. I'm not committing to this one, but if I can actually answer all of the questions without thinking too hard, then I'm in.

1. I love _____ with my coffee/tea/etc.

No coffee - eww. My tea must be cold and sickeningly sweet.

2. _____ can't arrive too fast!

Vacation (duh - have you not been noticing that trend this week?)

3. My friend _____ is _____.

Tracy; a married woman now! Woohoo!

4. Days like today when the sky is _____ and the weather is _____ are so awesome!

Well, today is cloudy and rainy, but I reserve "awesome" for clear, cool, crisp spring or autumn days with a slight breeze - I know, I'm not picky at all, huh?

5. I am still _____ with your _____.

amazed; children's creativity

6. _____ are my favorite spring flowers.

Irises - even if they do stink.

7. This weekend, I'm _____ and _____.

resting and relaxing!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Resting and relaxing sounds good to me! Thanks for playing :-)