Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Grief!

Take one week off of work and all hell breaks loose! Crap had been slowly building up for quite a while now, but last week while I was gone it all finally hit the fan. 5 teachers quit and another gave notice that this would be her last week. What happened???

From what I can gather, some teachers were called on the carpet for being on their cell phones and not paying attention to the kids on the playground. Things may or may not have been properly handled. Certain parties may or may not have negatively influenced others with lies and malicious gossip. Some simply walked out in the middle of the day. Others quit. One was actually let go. One may have come back the next day begging for her job back. A couple had reasons for quitting that were completely unrelated to the situation at hand.

I don't know all the details. What I DO know is that I have one week to prepare my class for their preschool graduation ceremony that the administration decided on a whim the day before my vacation to put together. And I still have to finish those scrapbooks for my kids and burn 12 copies of picture cds before then. And then I have another week and a half to get my room and class ready for our center's annual assessment. And with my whopping 2 years of experience, I am now the senior staff member in the preschool age group at our center.

Good thing I was on vacation last week. I probably would have ended up being caught up in the drama if I had been here. And I'm still so relaxed from that week off that even though we were short-staffed yesterday, nothing was getting to me...I think my mind is still firmly planted on a beach towel watching the dolphins parade by.

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