Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog Talkers - time travel

I've been lurking around at Write from Karen this week. She is a very interesting person with a fantastic writing style. Check her out if you have the chance.

Anyway, through Karen's blog, I've found yet another weekly writing prompt. This week's question over at Blog Talkers is:

If you could go back in time, what one piece advice would you give yourself?

I think I'd have to say PAY ATTENTION and TRUST YOUR GUT. Technically, that may be 2 pieces of advice, but I think they relate to each other nicely.

Don't be oblivious to the world around you. Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with. And if something feels "off", address it. Don't just let it go, thinking all the while that you are just reading too much into it. Don't ignore it and hope that it just fixes itself. It won't. It will only fester and become a larger issue. If something doesn't sit well with you, for whatever reason, let it be known. You'll save yourself from all the "I should have..."s and "if only I had..."s and "how could I have let this happen"s that inevitably follow the huge blow ups that you knew deep down were coming.

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