Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects:

Sorry. I love that video, and this week's prompt was just too perfect an opportunity to share it. Along the same vein, check out Post Secret.

You won't find any earth-shattering secrets here. At least, not spelled out in black and white. I've alluded to secrets from my past in previous blog entries. But the past is past. As a wise character once said, "you gotta put your behind in the past." Hm...that doesn't seem quite right. Oh, well.

There are times when secrets are a good thing. A secret known only to a precious few can strengthen the bond between those people. For example, when a couple finds out they are having a baby and decide to keep it a secret for a while (don't read anything into this - we aren't pregnant, and if we were, I would be on the phone before I even left the doctor's office). That couple's bond is strengthened by the fact that they share this amazing secret from the rest of the world.

There are times when secrets are a Very Bad Thing. As a general rule, secrets kept from a spouse lead to trouble with a capital T. And there are secrets that are too dangerous to keep.

Whatever your experience with secrets, one thing is for sure. Everyone's got a secret. It may not be a big one, or even your own. But everyone's got one.


gautami tripathy said...
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gautami tripathy said...

Not all secrets are bad. There are some secrets which do make us feel good.