Thursday, June 07, 2007

TT # 30 - My Classroom

Thirteen Centers in My Classroom

(from upper left, going clockwise, center pic last)

1. By Myself Box - everybody needs a place to get away from it all. There's a bean bag chair, a basket of paperback books, and a stuffed puppy dog in this box. A child that doesn't feel good, just wants to be left alone, or needs to be separated from the rest of the group can go in the box for a few minutes to unwind.

2. Reading Center - we've got pillows to sit on, lots of colorful books to look at, and books on tape to listen to. You can't really make out the art work there, but we drew pictures of the kinds of stories we like to read.

3. Grocery Store - complete with cash register, play money, shopping cart, and groceries. I even added a few clean and empty containers from home. So they can buy "real" stuff.

4. Dramatic Play Center - honestly, this is pretty much a "housekeeping" center, but occasionally they do play doctor's office in there.

5. Science Center - magnets, magnifying glasses, dinosaurs, bugs, sensory bottles, and a few nature books.

6. Blocks and Cars

7. Farm/Barbies/Ponies/Mr Potato Head - toys that really didn't fit in with any of the other centers stay on this shelf, and the kids can play with them on the McDonald's rug.

8. Puzzle Center

9. Art Center

10. Math Center - right now the fishing game is especially popular (I cut fish shapes out of that foam paper and put paper clips on the fish's mouths. The fishing pole has a magnet for a hook.)

11. Music Center

12. Lego Table

13. Sand Table - I had to limit it to one child at a time because we've had trouble with throwing the sand and trying to make each other eat it.

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FatBlokeThin said...

Blimey, school has chsnged sine I was last there - your children are very lucky. have a great TT!

FatBlokeThin said...
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Christina said...

Your classroom is adorable and I love the way you presented the pictures of it! Happy Thursday!

Crimson Wife said...

I've got a DD who will be a kindergartener in the fall & I think she'd love those centers! Unfortunately, our local public school is more into having the kids sit at desks filling out worksheets than hands-on learning :-(