Thursday, August 09, 2007

All About Me Test

The All About You Test from Michele.

Have you ever eaten something beyond the expiration date?

never intentionally

Without peeking what colour is your aura?

hmm...there are times when I'm sure it's a very calm and soothing shade of blue, but then there are times when it is a very angry shade of red. And times when it is a funky shade of purple. And sometimes a very dorky shade of orange. I think I have a rainbow aura.

Do you think it is true that blondes have more fun?

I don't put much store in hair color as an indicator of anything about a person. If it were, I would have been born blonde. For the dumb factor, not so much the fun factor.

If you had to substitute teach for two months, which grade or subject would you choose to teach?

Kindergarten or first grade, without a doubt.

You are a contestant on a Jeopardy-style trivia show. What three categories are you hoping will not be included in the final round?

World History, Politics, and Chemistry

Bonus Question Worth Lots of Points: Michele, of Michele sent me fame, has been sent to your home town and wants to meet you for coffee, do you accept her invitation?

Of course! Although, there's no Starbucks here. But there is a cute little coffee and gelato shop, and I'd probably order ice cream instead of coffee.

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