Thursday, August 30, 2007

TT #42 - Songs From The Hymnal

Thirteen Songs I Love To Sing

(Praise For The Lord Songbook edition)

1. God's Family (#855)

2. God of Our Fathers (#173)

3. The New Song (#837)

4. Be Thou My Vision (#70)

5. Lo! What a Glorious Sight (#403)

6. Come Share the Lord (#916)

7. What Wondrous Love Is This (#753)

8. Be Still, My Soul (#41)

9. In His Time (#871)

10. I Love Thee So (#265)

11. How Beautiful (#936)

12. The Spacious Firmament on High (#666)

13. My Jesus Knows Just What I Need (#209)

Let's make this TT an interactive one - what are your favorite songs from the hymnal (whatever hymnal it may be)? Why? The first 12 from my list this week are all songs that I sang in my college choral group, so they all have great memories attached to them. That's a big part of why I love them. Some of them have some very challenging music. Some of them have lyrics and music that fit together so perfectly and speak to my soul so powerfully that I can't help but be moved. The last one on my list tends to go through my head on particularly rough days at work when parents start showing up to pick up their kids. Funny, but true.

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Mom not Mum said...

Wonderful idea for a TT. I am familiar with a few of them.