Thursday, September 06, 2007

TT #43 - Free Association

Thirteen Random Word Associations

You know the game - you are given a word and you must respond with the first thing that comes to mind. Here goes.

1. Darling - Peter Pan (Wendy Jon and Michael's last name was Darling)

2. Majesty - "worship His Majesty..." it's a song from the hymnal that I sang in my college choral group.

3. Pebble - pea gravel (I despise that stuff, by the way)

4. Fate - Beethoven's Last Night (Fate is the title of one of my favorite pieces on that album)

5. Instant - coffee (why I think of coffee, I have no idea - I hate the stuff)

6. Screen - door

7. Unplugged - acoustic

8. Dairy - cows

9. Benefactor - Great Expectations (that is the one with Mrs Haversham in it, right?)

10. Market - produce

11. Uneven - odd (I have a bit of an OCD hangup with numbers of things - I can't stand to have an odd number of anything unless the arrangement is symmetrical)

12. Voices - singing

13. Roomate - hair (my roomate my freshman year of college - the only year I lived in the dorm - had LONG hair. I remember it vividly because the night before our first health inspection we were on our hands and knees picking up hair and other random bits of trash off the floor because every vacuum cleaner in the dorm was broken. Really rather gross, I know.)

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Anonymous said...

That looks fun! Mind if I steal your idea for a future T13?

Happy Thursday!

WorksFM said...

cute list. When I think roommate (from college) - well let's just say I probably shouldn't repeat it. :)

Lori said...

what a cool made me think:) Happy TT.

Buck Naked Politics said...

What a cool list.

Journeywoman said...

I LOVE Beethoven's Last Night. My favorite song is "This is Who You Are", but Fate is good too.

Have you ever seen them live---it's amazing!

Sparky Duck said...

Oh I think I should steal this for when I am not feeling a TT. Nice job