Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something New

I'm hosting Thursday Photo Day over at Create a Connection for October. This week I thought that "something new" would make a good theme. Gee, I wonder where on earth I ever came up with a theme like that? Could it be the fact that practically EVERYTHING in my life right now is new? Yeah, maybe.

I didn't snap any photos Tuesday night, but I had sushi for the first time ever. There was a restaurant nearby that was celebrating it's second anniversary by bringing around free drinks and sushi from 5-8pm. Free is my favorite price when it comes to new foods, because I just can't stand the thought of spending money on something that I might not like. I tend to avoid trying new things because of the cost. Well, there was no excuse Tuesday, so I had some spicy tuna roll and some California roll. Not bad. I really liked the California roll. And they brought around teryaki chicken, too, so there was something familiar as well.

I didn't get any pictures last night, either, but we went to a Wado Ryu dojo and I watched while Michael joined in with the blackbelt class. I did get a little video with my cell phone - just a short tour from the entrance.

There are 3 separate training floors there to the left of the entrance, the front desk, and the sensei's office. What you don't see is that past the front desk there is the main training floor, a children's play room, and locker rooms for men and women. And bleachers for parents to sit and watch the main class. How cool is that?!? It's a different style of karate than what I'm used to, but there isn't a Shotokan school anywhere nearby. This is the largest school in the area, and the only one with no contracts, so it seems to be a winner so far.

You've seen the new apartment complex,

and the new loveseat.

I guess all I have left to show you today is my new haircut. I haven't had so much as a trim in almost 2 years, so my hair was about halfway down my back this morning. No more. It is now at a very comfortable shoulder-length. Still long enough for a ponytail, but much more managable and with no dead ends.

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Janet said...

that apartment complex looks very nice, and your hair is fantastic! Thanks for such a great prompt :-)