Monday, December 31, 2007

back to reality

So Hubby and I flew back to the land of AZ yesterday. We had a great visit back home, and even fit in a trip to the dojo that my muscles are still protesting. It was wonderful to be able to see everyone (that we were able to catch in town) again. If we missed you, we'll try again next time. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour this time around.

We flew into Memphis on the evening of the 22nd (my birthday). In a thunderstorm. Welcome back to Tennessee! Hubby's brother and sis-in-law picked us up at the airport and we headed straight to Missouri grabbed supper at Arby's and took it to their house to eat in comfort. They had forgotten a couple of things anyway. Then it was on to Missouri in the cold, wet, windy night. We got to Hubby's parents' house around 11pm.

We went to church on Sunday and spent a goodly amount of time after services visiting with old friends before going out for lunch with Hubby's Grandma D.

Monday (after a glorious morning of sleeping in) we spent the afternoon at my mom's house. Watching my little sister the dog go crazy. As can be witnessed here.

(This is where you will find the video, once I can get the video uploaded to Blogger.)

Tuesday was Christmas Day. After the tree at Hubby's parents' house we all schlepped over to Hubby's Grandma and Grandpa G's house for the main event. All 5 of their kids (well, only 4 this year), their kids, and in some cases their kids under one roof for the day. Here's hoping no one is claustrophobic or enochlophobic.

Wednesday was my family's turn. More food, more presents, more pictures, and lots of laughs at Willie Nelson's expense (a story for another time).

Hubby and I spent Wednesday night at my nephew's house in Dresden with Tucker the gigantic puppy and spunky little Roxie.

Thursday morning my sister drove us to Jackson, where we rented a couple of cars and split up for the day. Hubby spent the day in Jackson with old work chums. I headed on down to Henderson to visit the preschool and spend a little time with friends. We met back up at the dojo and thoroughly enjoyed training with old friends. Then we headed back to Hubby's brother's house in Memphis.

Friday we used returning the rental cars as an excuse to go back to Jackson and eat at Asahi. We have a Benihana very close to our apartment in AZ, but there's nothing quite like Asahi.

We declared Saturday a pajama day. Thank you, Hubby's mom, for the jammies that made pajama day possible. We stayed in and lazed about all day. It was beautiful.

We got to the airport around 1:30 Sunday. Just in time to learn that our 2:30 flight had been delayed. Joy. Well, plenty of time for lunch. And then we watched a good portion of The Incredibles on Hubby's laptop while we waited. We finally boarded around 4:00 central time. And touched down in Phoenix at 7:00. Factor in a half our wait for our luggage and a cab ride home followed by a quick trip to In and Out for supper, and Hubby and I collapsed around 9:30. And it's back to work today. Yay.

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