Wednesday, December 19, 2007


According to the ticker on CNN, Lynne Spears' book about parenting has been delayed indefinitely. Really? Gee, I wonder why it's been delayed.

* * *

Hubby and I were in the car and came across Joan Jett's version of Little Drummer Boy on the radio. Hubby declared that he liked this particular version because "it has a good beat." Imagine that. Little Drummer Boy has a good beat ;)

* * *

I'm sitting on the couch right now catching up on last week's episode of CSI (I know, I'm so behind). During the last commercial break, there was an ad for The Golden Compass that said "coming to theaters this weekend." Hubby and I both took a minute to realize we were watching TiVo'd material. It's been a long day.

* * *

Have a little more Christmas entertainment:

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