Tuesday, January 29, 2008

all about you test

Questions curtesy of Michele:

If the mirror in your washroom started talking to you, what do you think it would say?

Probably something along the lines of "Clean me!"

What current in theatres now film, do you have no interest in seeing?

Cloverfield. I just can't handle the Blair Witch film style. It makes be violently ill.

If you had twin daughters today, what would you name them?

"Oh Crap" and "Bankruptcy"

Actually, I really only have one girl name firmly planned in my mind - Lillie Nicole (my Gramma's name with my middle name). I know that for a second girl I want the initials to be M.P. (M for my mom and P for Hubby's mom) but I can't settle on an M name that I really like that fits with Paige, and I really like Paige for a middle name. And the longer I work in child care, the more names end up on my "I will never name my child ___" list. And the longer we wait, the more friends and relatives beat us to the names I've liked in the past.

You are at a restaurant and there are no prices listed on the menu, would you ask for prices before ordering?

Probably. I'm kind of paranoid like that.

When is the last time you put your Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew skills to work?

I can't even remember. Generally, anything that needs to be investigated in my life ends up being not very pleasant. I tend to look the other way when a mystery rears its ugly head.

Is chocolate chip a great cookie, or the greatest cookie?

The greatest, of course. Expecially when they aren't quite completely baked and they are still gooey and melty and hot and perfect with vanilla ice cream....yum!

Have you ever said shh or shush to a total stranger?

Not that I recall.

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Deana said...

Hi Amber, I liked your book answer over at Michele's so I clicked over to check out your blog. Great place here and I like your about you answers. We keep debating Cloverfield. In one way we thought it might be fun to be like kids again and be scared....who knows, we still haven't gotten there!