Saturday, January 12, 2008

because I said I would

Well, one of the things on my to-do list is to post a life update once a week. And since I haven't posted in almost a week, I guess I need to get on that, huh?

I would like to thank Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for coming back to their shows without their writers. Now I finally know what's going on in the world again. Seriously, is it wrong of me to choose to get the majority of my news from comedy shows?

I didn't do a menu plan this week, so there were a few nights of pizza and McDonalds. But I did cook something new this week - I tried my hand at homemade mac-and-cheese Wednesday. And it was wonderful. Yay me!

Last night after work we went to Dave and Buster's with a group from Hubby's office. We hung out there playing video games most of the evening. Then we headed downstairs for some bowling. It feels pretty good to bowl a 70 and not lose the game. I'm sure it helps that most of my competition had imbibed enough to be slightly impaired, but a non-loss is a non-loss and with my lack of skill I'll take what I can get.

Plans for today involve a manicure and an afternoon at Fox Sports Grill cheering on Green Bay.

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