Wednesday, February 13, 2008

alive...if using the term loosely

Hubby still hasn't passed his kidney stone. It's been stuck between the kidney and the bladder since our fabulous emergency room trip nearly 2 weeks ago. He has an appointment tomorrow afternoon to see the doctor and will probably be scheduling surgery at that point. Joy. Bright side? He has been at this job long enough that his health insurance has kicked in.

I had a 3-day weekend this past weekend. I took Monday as a kind of "mental health day." Believe me - it was needed. I took Hubby to work and then spent the morning lazing about the apartment and slowly getting it looking halfway decent. Had a little spa time with a home manicure and bubble bath. And then headed to WalMart in short sleeves, capri pants and flipflops. In February. I know. Isn't it fabulous?

While I was at my home away from home, Hubby called in a favor. I picked him up at work and took him on an errand and a lunch run. Then I headed back to WalMart to finish what I had started. Got home with just enough time to put all the groceries away before heading back out to pick Hubby up from work.

And wouldn't you know I felt great all weekend, right up until about bedtime Monday night. And now I have the congested head and sore throat and all-around "just kill me now" feeling. Fortunately, my health insurance is also in effect now. Unfortunately, I'd have to take off work to go to a doctor, and I just had a day off. Blah.

In related news, one of the veteran teachers at the preschool took my class while I was out Monday and the first thing she said to me when I got back yesterday was "I'm amazed you haven't quit yet." So it's official. My class is the class from hell. Lovely.

In more related news, in the week and a half since I was promised an aide for my classroom, my class has gained 3 children and 0 adults. I am officially maxed out. 13 three-year-olds. Yay.

But other than all that, life is good.

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