Saturday, February 09, 2008

Photo Hunt: Heavy

A few different ideas went through my mind this week for this theme. I thought about this:

But honestly, who wants to actually post a scale readout for all the internet to see? I looked through the pictures from when we moved, but wouldn't you know I was too busy with the whole moving thing to get pictures of anyone carrying anything heavy. So you'll just have to settle for some heavy reading:

Yep, our college text books. Definitely not anything you would pick up for a light read.


Dragonstar said...

That's certainly heavy reading! I agree with you though, I never have my camera at the right time - too busy doing other things.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and very heavy reading. Have a good week.

Katney said...

Someone actually did post the scale--oh,d ear! But the heavy reading is definitely heavy. As a school librarian, I go for the kid lit most of the time.

-TNChick- said...

Books can be very heavy - not only reading wise but to carry around =)