Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crisis Averted?

First things first - I took a few pictures of the apartment we were relocated to during the fiasco with the air conditioning in our apartment. You can see that slideshow HERE. The only parts of the apartment I didn't shoot were the balconies (because I just didn't) and the master bedroom (because that was where all our stuff was). The only difference between the master and guest bedrooms were the beds really - the master had a king.

The issue was only an issue for our apartment - it didn't affect anyone else.

We got the kitties out of the heat in time to avoid them getting too uncomfortable, although Neko was panting a lot when we first got into our temporary apartment. It was kind of funny actually, because he smiles when he pants. So he looked pretty ridiculous. I couldn't get any pictures of him doing it though; he would stop as soon as he heard my camera power up.

Both cats seemed to be adjusting to the other apartment pretty well at first, but it appears that Neko chose to spend most of his time hiding under the bed while we were at work both days.

Anyway, here is the news of the day:

A) We're back in OUR apartment with a WORKING air conditioner and a spiffy new digital thermostat.

B) I found a new function on my camera! When I choose the manual setting, I have the option to create composite shots, so this photo is NOT EDITED! How cool is that?

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