Wednesday, November 12, 2008

such is the life of a preschool teacher

Since the fingerprinting fiasco, I've been working 4 mornings a week with the pre-k class at this preschool in town. It's good to be out of the house, and I do love what I do.

When I moved here I applied to just about every day care and preschool in the area before finally landing this part-time gig. Last week I got a call from another center in town. They have 2 full-time openings and are offering a full dollar an hour more than what I'm making now. I went in after work yesterday afternoon for an interview that lasted a whopping 15 minutes before being told the job is mine if I want it.

So today I talked to the director where I work and she's going to try to work the schedule so I can get 38-40 hours a week. If she can do that, I don't mind settling for less money. I would feel bad about leaving after only working there for a month. And that probably wouldn't look all that good on my resume in the future anyway. But if she can't get me more hours, I'll have to go where the money is. That degree that makes me so much more desirable than other applicants in this field isn't paying for itself. And I'm going to be looking into my own transportation before too much longer, too.

At least things are looking up in this area of my life.

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