Thursday, September 14, 2006

What NOT To Do

I try to keep up with the Peculiar Postings Section on tends to be the only news that doesn't completely depress me. It's also a pretty good reminder (just in case you had forgotten) of how stupid people can be.

For example, take this gem of a mom. She admitted in court that she smoked marijuana with her 13 year old son, often as a reward for doing his homework. She's been doing it since he was 11, and she's also smoked with some of his older friends (now 17 and 18). Seems to me she had already smoked enough to kill a few too many brain cells to consider this an appropriate reward for a child to do his homework.

Or how about this dear old dad? He was just trying to help with his 10 year old daughter's fear of heights. His brilliant plan? Let's jump off a 15 foot bridge together into the water below. Why, father, that is a marvelous plan! I can't see any possible way this could go wrong! He held his daughter's hand and they jumped OFF A FREAKIN' BRIDGE!!! The kid's fine. Dad? Oh, he broke his leg. He wasn't charged with anything, since the girl jumped of her own free will. But officials from the state's Department of Child and Families plan to interview him. I should hope so. You know, there's one overused phrase that can never again be used in that household... "If someone told you to jump off a bridge..."

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