Saturday, October 07, 2006

An Assignment

Well, I wanted to challenge the creative writer inside, right? This week's Sunday Scribbling seems quite daunting. The assignment is to go people watching and find a person that would make a good character. Then write a character sketch for them. I wish this had been last week's assignment - the BBQ Festival would have been a perfect people-watching opportunity. It's a pretty day...I could go plant myself on a swing in the commons on the college campus and hope for some people to watch. I need to go grocery shopping...I'm sure Wal-Mart would be good for a few crowds. We're planning to go out to eat tonight with M's boss and his wife...I could do a character sketch of one of them (although, I probably wouldn't be much company if I were trying to make notes of everything all evening). There's always church tomorrow...but then, I'm supposed to be worshipping God, not observing people. Hmm. I think I need an extension on this assignment. I'm not wimping out - just biding my time until the right character crosses my path. Stay tuned.

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