Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ms Amber, don't be silly

Just a little something from my average typical day:

Friday I had my class working on an art project out of our Abeka curriculum. The project was "set the table" - there was a page that was the placemat with the fork, spoon, and knife on it, and another page with the plate and glass for the kids to cut out and glue to the placemat. I decided to add to the project. So I gave homework earlier last week. I wanted the kids to bring pictures they had cut out of magazines or newspaper inserts of healthy foods. All but a couple of my kids actually did it, and several of the others had even brought extra pictures.

Well, I was sitting down with the kids one at a time to glue the food to their plate and talk about what kind of food they liked and what food group it was and all that. When Z finished his paper, I asked him if it looked good enough to eat. He said yeah. I asked 'if that was real food on that plate would you eat it?" He replied, "No - I don't eat paper!"

Ahh, the simplicity of youth.

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Skyelarke said...

haha. I called my 3 y/o niece a typing tornado (she was typing to me on MSN ffffkkkkk etc) and she (via my sis): "No, my name's C." It was hilarious.