Wednesday, November 01, 2006

does this dress make me look fat?

No, I'm not pregnant. This was my Halloween costume this year. Convincing? Evidently. I emailed this pic to my mom, MIL, bro, and sis last explanation, just the pic. Bro just called me freaking out with all that "you can't wait this long to tell family things like this! Emailing a pic is not an appropriate method of conveying such important information!" etc. (paraphrased, by the way). Evidently he called Mom first, but her internet is down, so she hasn't seen the email. I suppose I should expect calls from her and Sis soon. MIL just emailed back a bunch of question marks. For the record, Sensei-hubby found this to be the most terrifying costume he's seen all year. He also suggested hiding a water balloon in my dress for the next time someone at the party seriously asked when I was due - "looks like right about now!"

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