Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Smiles - 4th edition

You know, having nobody chiming in with a "this is a great idea - count me in!" is really starting to bum me out. But I shall press on, and the invitation to join me still stands.

7 reasons I smiled this week:

1. Sunday lunch with friends - we are starting to make this a week at our house, the next at theirs.

2. Holding Sean through church service - he's definitely a preacher's kid...only fusses during prayers. Seriously. "Amen" is the magic word that calms him down. His mommy says he was like that even before he was born.

3. Ian Benardo's American Idol audition - sure, I'm sure it was scripted or otherwise falsified for ratings purposes, but I just can't help getting a kick out of this guy demanding to see Simon Cowell's working visa!

4. The necessity to remember CRAP for a healthy smile - I swear, that's going to stick with me forever.

5. My blood elf mage in World of Warcraft - yes, I really did start a character. Sometimes it's nice to be able to blow stuff up after a rough day.

6. My promotion - I am now a 2nd kyu brown belt in Shotokan Karate!

7. A change of pace at work - yesterday I worked lunches instead of staying in my class all day. i got to spend a half-hour with the 2-year-olds (thankfully only a half-hour) and an hour with the babies, and I got to go home early too!

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