Thursday, January 04, 2007

TT # 14

Thirteen Random Thoughts

1. Chili and tropical punch koolaid are not a good combination of tastes.

2. I'm very proud of me for doing so well with my resolutions this year - the bed is made, the sink is clean, I have yet to eat fast food this year, there's only 1 load of laundry waiting to be put away, I've only missed my multivitamin once, and I called my mom on New Years Day! (I'm refraining from using the words "so far" in this comment, to avoid any self-fulfilling prophecies that those words could cause).

3. Kitty kisses make me happy.

4. I think Celeste is scared of our new office chair. She gets all stalky around it. It's funny.

5. My lunch break is passing much more quickly now that I have an mp3 player and a good book to read.

6. Eragon is shaping up to be a very good read. Very impressive that someone so young can create something so good.

7. I really really really really want a curio cabinet so I can take all my pretties out of their boxes and actually enjoy them without fear of cat disasters.

8. I haven't been able to take pictures the last couple of days because we're out of batteries. I actually miss looking for THE shot of the day.

9. I was "mean old Miss Amber" today because I wouldn't let the kids run around the classroom with scissors in their hands. I'm so awful, and life is just so unfair ;)

10. I love the kids in my class, but I really miss housewifery. Which actually surprises me, because I always thought I'd go stir-crazy if I didn't have at least a part-time job. It's a good surprise.

11. I made a conscious effort to put the first "r" in surprise when I typed it in #10, because my husband says I always mispell that word...and now I'm questioning my spelling of the word "mispell (misspell? no, that can't be right).

12. I've been trying to put a 3rd column into my blog template to kind of split up all my sidebar stuff, but everytime I try, something in the code goes screwy :p

13. I love the Verizon commercial where the Dad (with a very full beard, by the way) reviews everyone's Christmas presents and then asks what he got. The daughter says "aftershave." Dad replies, "No, Dad got hosed!" It cracks me up every time! I don't understand why so many people in cyberspace dislike it.


she said...

Hmm, running with scissors... That was a title for a Weird Al concert way back when.

Enjoy your MP3 player.

Cindy said...

Good job on your resolutions! I didn't engrave any in stone this year, but I have some goals in mind.

Stop by and visit my TT when you get a moment.

Raggedy said...

Great list!
When my son got his new ipod, I got his old MP3 player and I just love it!
Happy New Year!
My TT is posted