Thursday, January 25, 2007

TT # 17

Things I am Trying to Avoid

1. head lice - we've had a few cases at the preschool this week. *shudder*
2. the flu - it's running rampant in this area, along with
3. strep throat.
4. doing anything for work off the clock - I'm tired of not getting paid for my work.
5. doing someone else's job for them - I'm tired of being taken advantage of.
6. cabin fever - it's been too cold to let the kids play outside, and on the slightly warmer days we don't go out because so many of my kids are just getting over the flu/strep/etc.
7. becoming addicted to World of Warcraft - I started a blood elf mage just for kicks, and I really like her.
8. cleaning house - I've just lost the drive...I need to get moving on it again though since we have a Sunday lunch date here.
9 . the urge to have fast food for supper again this week - yeah, not doing so well on my "limit fast food to once a week" goal this week.
10. changing the theme for this week's TT so I can think of 13 things faster - I started this list this morning before work thinking surely by the time I got home I would be able to finish in a matter of seconds. heh.
11. ... ... ... ... ... well, I can count laundry separate from cleaning house.
12. the urge to just go straight to bed for the night at 5:40 in the p.m. - gotsta get my butt to karate class!
13. starting my new Ted Dekker book (Saint) - I've vowed to wait until February to read anything else from my 2007 reading list so I don't finish the whole list by March.


ancsweetnsassygal said...

I used to work in preschool so I know exactly what you mean! Great list.

My TT is up also in my 13 fav tv shows.

JohnH985 said...

A great list and some good things to try to avoid.

My 13 are up.

momtoanangel said...

We are trying to avoid the flu and strep throat here too. Good luck to us all and to you on that!