Friday, March 02, 2007

good thing I'm not a betting woman

The one person I was sure would be leaving American Idol this week somehow managed to rack up enough votes to stay another week. Sanjaya seemed as genuinely shocked as I did, and I can't help but think he was trying to fight the urge to rip the card out of Ryan's hands to verify that the right name had been read. Poor AJ got screwed.

I think Nick's downfall was whoever was doing the camera work on Tuesday night's show. They kept cutting to the cheesy drummer during his performance of "Fever." It made it really difficult to pay attention to Nick, who was singing the song beautifully.

Alaina's rendition of "Not Ready to Make Nice," dedicated to her mother (which seems a strange choice of song for a mother she seems to get along with) just didn't do it for the voting populace. And it looks like the nudie photo scandal put Antonella Barba through for another week, to Leslie Hunt's detriment.

Kellie Pickler was the guest performer for this week's results show. Being able to fast-forward through that performance is reason #947* why I love TiVo.

Can I tell you my absolute favorite part of last night's show? Of course I can, this is my blog. Ok, it's fairly obvious that Kellie Pickler has had some...remodeling done on the upper levels. Well, before her performance, Ryan asks her if she's spent her money on anything since leaving American Idol, and she says "shoes." Then, as he stares at her...huge tracts of land**, Ryan asks, "just shoes?" OH NO HE DIDN'T! Hubby said, "I LOVE Ryan Seacrest! ... in a not gay way."


* 947 is a random number. I do not actually have a list of reasons I love TiVo, and if I did it probably would not be quite that long.

** Monty Python reference

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