Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #26

Thirteen things in my purse right now:

1. mp3 player

2. cell phone

3. keys

4. checkbook

5. wallet

6. pen

7. sudoku book

8. mechanical pencil

9. chapstick

10. digital camera

11. hand sanitizer

12. cuticle cream

13. grocery receipts

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Christina said...

Great list! I carry a lot of these things with me as well, including the Sudoku book. It's amazing how many time that (plus a mechanical pencil) has come in handy when I've been stuck waiting at the doctor's office or salon or garage.

Happy Thursday!!

Christine said...

I'd hate to take a good look of what's in my bag right now . . . I use my bag as a carry all for work and as a repository for my 21 mos old 's stuff - I'm pretty sure there's some cheerios in the pockets though!

I'm all about cows on parade (photos of art) on my TT this time round.

damozel said...

A Sodoku book is a good idea; I've got one of those small boggle sets myself. My handbag is filled up with receipts and flyers people hand me that I don't like to hurt their feelings by refusing...

FRIGGA said...

I think you might be looking in my purse....
My TT13 is up at

kailani said...

Wow! How big is your purse? LOL!

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