Thursday, April 12, 2007

TT #24 - wasting time

Thirteen Time-Wasters

1. World of Warcraft - I don't know what it is about the game that I like, but I do know that I could easily waste an entire day without realizing it if I'm not careful. I have to limit myself to Saturday mornings and between the time I get home from work and Hubby gets home.

2. Sudoku - I suck at it, but it is definitely something to pass the time during my lunch break or in a waiting room.

3. Nintendo Wii - best...gaming console...EVAR!!! We only have one game that I can actually play decently, but it's so cool! I absolutely love it, even if I haven't played it much (read: at all) lately.

4. Television - I was already a TV junkie. And then came that fateful day when Hubby decided we needed a new tech toy. And the TiVo entered our domain. Housework used to get done on the weekends. Now, jack squat gets done on the weekends because I'm planted firmly on the couch catching up on the week's TV that I've missed.

5. This Concentration Game - I could probably sit here for hours trying to beat my best.

6. Zuma - and while I'm at it, just about every other MSN game.

7. google yourself - if you are anything at all like me, you won't find anything on the first...10 or so pages of results.

8. Reading - don't get me wrong. I'm not saying reading is a waste of time. I'm saying curling up with a good book is a good way to pass the time.

9. Freecell - an especially good time-waster when waiting for a website or video to load.

10. Youtube - want to see something? Chances are if you type it in the search bar, they've got it. And you may be sorry you asked.

11. Yahoo! Music - a great way to catch up on what's out there in the world of music videos...especially since MTV doesn't seem to bother with "music television" anymore.

12. Scrapbooking - another valuable use of extra time that I haven't managed to get back into for over a year...maybe I'll have more motivation if we ever have kids.

13. Eating - not the best method for filling time, but it is one of the things I tend to do when bored.

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1 comment:

amy said...

I have a feeling that if I started scrapbooking, I would be addicted..neat list..I eat when I am bored as well