Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my brain is fried

The preschool/daycare where I work had its annual assessment today. Lucky me! My class was chosen for observation! (I realize inflection can be difficult to read in print form...that should be read in a very sarcastic tone.)

It really wasn't too terribly awful. I only had 4 kids in my class and they were pretty well-behaved (at least while our "company" was with us). The only mishaps I can actually recall from today were Z spilling his milk all over him at lunch (I had to leave the other 3 unattended at the table while I took him to the bathroom and found his extra clothes) and J blowing chunks right after a great big lunch of beef fingers (which technically happened during my lunch break after my observation was over, but the woman was still in my room). If anything else happened, I've successfully repressed the memory.

We won't know our scores until after they are completely finished with our assessment. And since the school-age class was not assessed today (the person assigned to that observation was in the hospital), that could be a while.

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