Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thoughts from the Margins of My Bible - TT # 29

Notes from the Margins of my Bible:

Genesis Chapter 3 - The Temptation and Fall of Man

1. Would the story have had a different ending if Adam and Eve had taken responsibility for their actions rather than passing blame?

2. Death is a gift - without it we would be forced to live eternally separated from God.

Haggai Chapter 2

3. Just sitting in a church building does not make you a Christian.

4. No amount of good works can cancel out our sins.

Matthew Chapters 1-2 - The Birth of Christ

5. Women listed in the genealogy of Christ include Tamar (a liar), Rahab (a harlot), Ruth (a foreigner), and Bathsheba (an adulteress) *God can use us for his purpose regardless of our pasts.

6. The gifts of the Wise Men were representative of the roles of Christ: gold = his kingship; frankincense = his priesthood; myrrh = his purpose (death)

Matthew Chapter 4 - The Temptation of Christ

7. Moses and Elijah are the only other Biblical characters known to have fasted for 40 days and nights.

8. Man is more than physical - first and foremost we are spiritual creatures.

9. Any scripture taken out of context can be used to support a given opinion or viewpoint.

10. Satan has no control over us unless we give in to him.

Matthew Chapters 5-7 - The Sermon on the Mount

11. True righteousness is more than following the letter of the law - it's having the right mindset.

12. "Daily bread" was a Jewish synonym for daily needs - Jesus was teaching his disciples to pray for God to provide for their needs as those needs arose.

13. We are all carpenters of our own character.

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Nicholas said...

I completely disagree with #4. Sin is a subjective concept anyway.

~Amber~ said...

You are entitled to your beliefs. I, however, am of the mind that if we could cancel out our sins with good works, there would have been no need for a Savior.

Raggedy said...

Who put those notes in your margins?
I liked number 13...
Happy TT'ing..
Mine is posted too..