Monday, June 11, 2007

Definitely Monday

There is a big difference between a group of 5 five-year-olds and a group of 18 six-to-twelve-year-olds. A huge difference. When I got to work this morning, the teacher for the school-aged class had called in sick and the afternoon teacher for the class was not answering her phone. So, me being the nice (and obviously more than a little bit insane) person that I am, I offered to take the class. I thought I'd be able to keep my kids in there too, since the state says that with that particular age group a teacher can have up to 20 children on her own (which is further proof to me that nobody who has any authority on such matters ever was a child, let alone spent any time with a group of children). But once everyone arrived, I was over the ratio. So my lovelies had to move down to the fours class.

The strongest thing there was to drink today was Dr Pepper. Yeah, that's not gonna cut it.* Not a large enough Advil bottle, either.** And if I were to go to bed this instant and sleep until it was time to be at work tomorrow, that wouldn't be enough rest to make up for the day I've had. It's not that they are bad kids or even that it was a bad day. It's just physically and mentally exhausting dealing with a class that you don't usually deal with.

And obviously more than a little insane me decided that this was the week I was going to start cooking more. So there's nothing quick and easy to pop into the microwave for supper tonight. *Bangs head against desk*

I'm with Garfield. Mondays suck.


*I'm not suggesting I would have imbibed if there were anything stronger to drink available. I can, however, understand how some people would feel the need for a nice strong drink in the same situation. As in "This could drive a person to drink!" I'm just sayin'.

**I am also not advocating the use of more than the noted dosage of OTC products. Thought I'd throw that in there, just for good measure.

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