Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh, Really?

Children are such funny creatures. Their minds process events and concepts in sometimes odd ways, but you are always left with a sense of awe. Daily I am reminded in some small way of why I teach. It's not for the hefty salary. It's not the prestige of the office. It's not even for the satisfaction of teaching. It's for the comedy. You just can't get this stuff in an office setting.

"When I die and go to Heaven, do you think God and Jesus can get this rock out of my ear?"

Yes, she did have a rock in her ear, and yes, this is how she informed us of the situation. Seriously. I know - I have weird kids in my class.

"The table hit me!"

This little boy was playing with blocks at the table and he dropped one. When he leaned down to pick it up off the floor, he bumped his head on the table.

"Watch this! I'm turning tricks!"

The 5 year old in question was playing on the monkey bars and wanted to show me that he could do a flip. His mother got a good chuckle out of this when she picked him up that afternoon.

"A little bit."

That was the response I got when I asked one of the 5 year olds in my class if they had been good for the other teacher they were with that day - I knew this little boy had caused some problems for her.

"Land hole!"

They were pretending that a piece of playground equipment was a pirate ship. They were making each other walk the plank and everything. Finally one little girl decided it was time to find an island to look for treasure on, so that was what she yelled. Close, huh?

See what I mean? You just can't get this kind of quality entertainment with any other job.

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