Friday, June 22, 2007

fun in the shade

It's hot out. Seriously. Time and Temp said 93 degrees at 3pm. Time and Temp fails to mention the heat index, though. But my class desperately needed to get out of the classroom for a little while this afternoon. So I needed to get creative.

Our playground has a very limited shady area in the afternoons, and I wanted to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. So I grabbed a red bucket and filled it with water. I grabbed the paint brushes and rollers out of the art center. We took our water bottles and the supplies for our "mystery activity" out to the playground. And my kiddos "painted" the wall of the preschool.

For about a minute, they were concerned about getting wet, but then I explained that it was hot enough out that the sun would dry us all off quickly. After that, they competed to see who could get their paintbrush the highest, giggling happily about the water dripping on their heads. Then they realized that the sponge rollers were actually taking dirt off the wall - a bonus I hadn't considered when the idea came to me.

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jenny said...

Hey! I teach preschool, too. We are out for the summer, though. we paint our walls on occasion, too.