Thursday, July 19, 2007

TT # 36 - About Me

Thirteen Things about Amber

(questions all found at Michele's blog)

1. When is the last time you thought about the person or thing, that you are trying not to think about?

Well, I guess that would be right now, but only because you brought it up...thanks a ton!

2. Without peeking, what was the subject of the very last thing you photographed?

a keychain I made yesterday

3. What physical feature do you receive the most compliments about?

probably my hair

4. When is the last time you slept outside and under the stars?

I don't know that I ever have. The last time I even came close would be a cabin at the church camp here that the choral group I was a part of in college used for retreat weekends. and the last time I actually stayed overnight there I was single. So we're talking over 7 years. Wow.

5. You find yourself ordering a small coffee at Starbucks, do you use the Barista lingo?

If it's there in front of me, yes. Otherwise, "small coffee, please."

6. What would you really be ordering in Starbucks?

either a hot chocolate or a caramel apple cider - I'm not a coffee person

7. What is the last movie you watched, be it on tv, dvd or at the cinema?

American Dreamz

8. Where do you go when you have that faraway look in your eyes?

More often than not if I have that look in my eyes, my mind is a total blank. Or I'm wishing I was back in bed.

9. What would you LEAST like to discover you are allergic to?

chocolate, with cats coming in a close second

10. What book are you reading?

Children Are From Heaven by Gary Chapman

11. What is one talent you do not have, but wish you did?

I wish I could play the piano...or the guitar...well, both actually

12. Imagine that you are on a secluded island for a full week (you are not stranded, you are simply alone with one other person of your choosing), what three items would you bring with you?

my camera, a notebook and pen, and sunscreen

Who am I kidding? I'd go crazy if I didn't take my cell phone...I'll just make sure that's one of the 3 things Hubby packs.

13. What three things do you hope to never find on your pizza?

anchovies, hair (human or otherwise), and liver

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