Wednesday, July 18, 2007

good question

This is Z's last week at preschool. He's getting ready to start kindergarten, and his parents have found someone else (read: cheaper and willing to pick him up from school so he won't have to ride the bus) to keep him after school, so they want to start getting him used to her and her place.

Now, Z has been in my class for 2 years. I've only had about 4 months as a preschool teacher without him in my class. Well, last week I started saying things like "what am I going to do without a Z in my class?" and "I won't know how to take care of a class without a Z in it!"

Friday afternoon on the playground, Z came up to me and sat in my lap in the swing and said "What am I going to do without my Ms Amber to tell me what to do?"

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